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Pom Poms

Set of two pom pom ornaments
Pink, blue, and white pom poms.

Today’s guest post is from Nicola over at Me You and Magoo. Welcome! :)

Making pom-poms is a great way of using up all those spare bits of yarn you may have hanging around. You can experiment and go monochromatic or mix colours. They look great with clashing shades. Anything goes when it comes to pom poms!

Materials List

The following list has all the supplies and tools you'll need to make this project.

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You'll need two circular objects to draw around, one larger than the other. I used a ceramic teacup and an egg cup to make the ‘doughnut’ template. Make sure you cut out two 'doughnuts’ to wind the wool around.

Feel free to upcycle some cereal boxes in place of the chipboard sheets.

In this project, I made a cardboard 'doughnut' measuring 3" in diameter with a 1" hole in the center.

Step 1

Pom pom wrapped yarn

They are really simple to make. Just take the two cardboard 'doughnuts’ and start winding the wool around and around. Build up the wool to the thickness you require. The thicker the wool is wound around the cardboard, the denser the pom will be.

This project used 20 yards of worsted acrylic yarn to create a pretty and dense pom pom!

Step 2

Pom pom ornament in pink and blue

Once you have finished, carefully cut the wool from the cardboard. Be sure to slide the scissors between the two pieces of cardboard when you cut around.

Step 3

Pom pom ornament closeup

Once the edges are all cut, take a piece of yarn and tie the middle part that is between the cardboard doughnuts making sure you have a nice knot. Snip the cardboard doughnuts off.

Any doubts about how to make a pom pom? Take a look at this WikiHow tutorial for more images

Have fun! Be warned, making pom poms can become addictive. :)


Rainbow pom pom garland over doorway

Are you loving making pom poms? Try making a Pom Pom Garland!

This tutorial will guide you through making a few more pom poms and how to get it ready for display!

🎉 Final Step: Show Off Your Work!

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