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Place Cards for a Dinner Party

Set of 3 decorated DIY place cards with hand lettered names, washi, and rope
A set of place cards.

I love hosting dinner parties. I spend time thinking about the appetizers, the entree, the dessert, the drinks, the plates, the napkins, and even the music, but I usually don’t remember place cards until shortly before my guests arrive.

Lucky for me (and you!) place cards are super simple to make out of any paper you have around the house. And if you remember just a little bit earlier - or if your guests or late - you can add a few embellishments to spruce it up a bit.

T38 - Paper Place Cards - 1.jpg

Materials List

The following list has all the supplies and tools you'll need to make this project.

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Step 1

DIY Place cards measured with ruler

Cut the paper down to size remembering that you’re going to fold it in half in order to make the place card stand up.

Step 2

Hand letter examples with black marker on white paper

Decide what “font” you want to use to write the names.

Step 3

Set of 3 paper place cards with hand lettered names

Put it all together and add a little design. My favorite is dotted lines.

Step 4

Paper craft supplies: cardstock, stickers, stamps, and washi tapes

This step is optional!

If you find yourself with a little more time, you can add some embellishments to the place cards, for example:

- Add stickers

- Add some washi tape

- Add some twine using a hole punch

- Punch out a shape to add a different color background

- Use 3D foam stickers to adhere additional paper embellishments

- Add a stamp and color it in

🎉 Final Step: Show Off Your Work!

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