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40+ Youtube Channels for Creative Inspiration and Relaxation

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Youtube channel recommendations

Sometimes you just need a bit of a breather from the news and current events. Or maybe you need a boost of inspiration to make something!

I've put together this list of some of my favorite Youtube channels that I like watching to relax for a bit and get inspired to make something. Or just put in the background while I clean. :)

Check out these channels and if you watch their videos, let them know that Craftic sent you! 💛

All the Crafts

Embroidered heart and rainbow felt ornaments

In this group, you'll find all sorts of fun craft tutorials and inspiration. Each channel covers one or more of these topics: paper crafts, embroidery, planners, painting, interior design, sewing, book binding, and knitting. Make sure to check them out!

A bit of everything

  • Craftic - By yours truly! Craft tutorials, creative book reviews, doodles, planners, and more!
  • Crafty Lumberjacks - Andrew & Dennis live in NYC and show you how to decorate and craft in a small apartment.
  • For the Love of Color - Jo & Rebecca are two color-loving interior designers as well as Making It contestants!
  • Smitha Katti - Smitha teaches you about drawing, watercolors, and upcycling.
  • The Sorry Girls - Kelsey & Becky do it all - room makeovers, home decor, and all sorts of crafts.


  • Amy Tangerine - Amy is an inspiring expert paper crafter who also loves planners & color.
  • My Green Cow - Daisy has a great eye for scrapbooking as well as ideas how to organize your craft supplies.
  • Sea Lemon - Jennifer makes all sorts of videos including bookbinding, art tutorials, doodle challenges, and bullet journal ideas.


  • Knitting the Stash - Melissa hosts a video podcast all about knitting from your stash. (knitting + crafting with your stash? instant fan!)
  • The Knit Show - Vicky hosts this fun & educational show about fiber crafts including knitting, crochet and macrame.
  • Sarah Dawn - Sarah is a knitting pattern designer who teaches you the ins & outs of knitting.


  • Cucicucicoo - Lisa provides lots free sewing and crafting video tutorials.
  • Jordan Clark - Jordan's makes aesthetically pleasing videos about stationery crafts, writing, and bullet journaling.
  • Karen's Monsters - Karen teaches you embroidery & sewing tips.
  • With Wendy - Wendy makes her own clothes and teaches you how to do it too.

Art, Illustration & Painting

Watercolor flowers with Tombow dual brush pens

If you're looking for some relaxing drawing and painting videos, this group has got you covered! There's a range of how-to doodle videos to 'draw with me' type videos where the artist paints while you listen to a bit about their life.

  • Alisa Burke - Alisa's painting & drawing videos are so mesmerizing and inspiring.
  • Cheyenne Barton - Cheyenne posts about illustration, art, and her daily life.
  • Fran Meneses - Fran vlogs about working at her studio where she draws, illustrates, paints, and designs stationery and clothing.
  • Kasey Golden - Kasey experiments with lots of painting and drawing mediums. It's fun seeing what she comes up with.
  • Minnie Small - Minnie is an artist who makes relaxing videos about painting & drawing and shows you her process.
  • Pic Candle - Drawing videos of the cutest doodles around.
  • Sanjana's Art - Sanjana makes incredibly relaxing and absolutely mesmerizing watercolor process videos.
  • The Modest Cat - Bella shows how to draw the cutest doodles as well as providing planner ideas and challenges.

General Art & Creativity

Ballpoint pen, gel pens, mildliners

This group of Youtubers make a wide variety of videos!

  • Aliaksei Zholner - Aliaksei makes engineering projects out of mostly paper.
  • Jukebox Print - Jukebox Print shows you the full run down of how they print their business cards.
  • Simone Giertz - Simone builds incredible machines in her workshop.
  • The Wizard of Vase - Kim walks you through how to make your own glittery globes.
  • Ze Frank - Ze Frank's makes goofy and informational nature videos.


Filofax clipbook planner

Do you love talking about your favorite pens, notebooks, and planners? These planner channels are a bit of all of that and then some like lettering and calligraphy.

Bullet Journal




Lifestyle & Productivity

Macrame window display

This trio of channels are more about general life and productivity advice and vlogs. And yep, they all cover planners and organization amongst other topics!

  • Amy Landino - Amy is all about productivity and figuring out how to get stuff done.
  • Milk & Honey - Charlotte has a variety of vlogs about beauty, crafts, retro fashion, and life in LA.
  • Oh, Hello Living - A mix of videos about planning, organization, beauty, graphic design, and vlogs.