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Watercolor Valentine Cards

Valentine's Day watercolor cards - hand lettered "Love" card and 2 watercolor cards with hearts in background
Kraft card with watercolor doodle.

These cards were so much fun to make that I want to make a few more batches. It can be pretty addicting painting with watercolors - be forewarned :) They are a pretty quick and easy way to use up cardstock and washi tape stashes. Use up your crafty materials and make awesome things for your loved ones = win win!

Materials List

The following list has all the supplies and tools you'll need to make this project.

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Step 1

Valentine's Day watercolor cards craft supplies; watercolor pan set, paint brush, washi tape, cardstock, and envelope

In order to get this flowy look, the paper needs to be wet before applying paint. Using wet paint brush, cover one quadrant of watercolor paper with clear water to prep your working area.

Step 2

Keeping paint very wet, apply paint on paper and play around with contrasting and complimentary colors. Just have fun with it. If the canvas collects puddles, wipe away with a tissue.

Step 3

After painting is dry, fold in half both vertically and horizontally to create 4 equal sized quadrants. Cut along folds and trim so they’re smaller than your cards (that will leave a nice border to work with).

Step 4

Glue your artwork to the card. The paper may become warped after painting so use washi tape before the glue has dried so it helps keep the paper in place.

Step 5

Set of watercolor painted Valentine's Day cards

Optional - draw a quote, a word, or any shape. You’re done with the cards! As a nice touch, I like to use matching washi tape to decorate the accompanying envelopes so it’s a matching set.

🎉 Final Step: Show Off Your Work!

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