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Watercolor & Stamped Stickers

Watercolors sticker sheet
Watercolor stickers and Tombow art supplies

Do you love using stickers but don't want to spend a ton of money? In this tutorial, I'll be showing you how to make your own stickers with some supplies you may already have at home!

Be forewarned: making your own stickers can be fairly addictive and you may end up making lots of stickers for every occasion. :)

Materials List

The following list has all the supplies and tools you'll need to make this project.

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No Machine Stickers Video Tutorial

Watercolor stickers Youtube video thumbnail

Would you prefer to watch the video tutorial instead? Then watch the "DIY Stickers Without Using a Machine!" video on the Craftic Youtube channel!

Step 1 - Get Your Supplies Ready

Watercolor stickers; Tombow art supplies and labels

First things first - grab your supplies. Pick out your favorite colors you like using in your planner or projects. Or pick out the colors you use in your color coding scheme.

Set aside the stamps that'll come in handy for your regular planning like icons for house chores, work, school, crafting - whatever it is you need!

In this tutorial, I'm using star-shaped and 0.5" circle labels. You can get them in lots of pre-cut shapes so check out your local stationery shop for more options.

Step 2 - Set Up Your Palette

Waterccolor stickers; applying Tombow dual brush marker on palette

Using the brush side of your Dual Brush Pen, apply the ink to the Blending Palette. This will create a color palette for you to work with.

Step 2a - Add Your Colors

Watercolor stickers art supplies; Tombow brush markers and palette

In this step, feel free to squeeze water using your water brush on the Blending Palette to get lighter shades and more ink to work with.

Step 3 - Let's Get Painting

Watercolor stickers paint palette and water brush

Using your Water Brush, pick up the ink and paint a few labels at a time until the ink is used up.

Step 4 - Paint Your Labels

Painting watercolor stickers

I recommend not squeezing water onto the label paper and just letting the natural flow of the Water Brush do its thing. You don’t want to oversaturate your stickers!

Step 5 - Get Decorating (without Stamping Ink)

Watercolor stickers; applying brush marker to acrylic stamp

Don’t have stamping ink? No problem! Get your Dual brush Pen (N25) and use it to color in your stamp.

Using the brush tip, apply ink to the stamp. Since the Dual Brush Pens are water-based, you can easily wipe off your stamps with a damp cloth.

Step 5a - Get Decorating (without Stamps)

Watercolor stickers in monthly planner view and pen pouch with Tombow art supplies

No stamps? Use the 02 MONO Drawing Pen and doodle your own designs. The number dots here are my own hand writing. :)

Step 6 - Use Your Stickers

Watercolor stickers in weekly planner view and Tombow markers

You'll want to let your stickers fully dry before peeling them off the sheet. If you remove them while they're still damp, they will most likely rip.

Feel free to use your stickers in your planner or whatever projects you'd like!

🎉 Final Step: Show Off Your Work!

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