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Watercolor Snacks Book Review

Watercolor Snacks book cover
Watercolor Snacks book cover

🤤 Do you ever get hungry while painting? The book Watercolor Snacks by Volta Voloshin-Smith (aka @colorsnack) is full of pretty and savory paintings with some easy instructions to recreate them.

This colorful and uplifting book has so much food inspiration that you will soon be looking at food in a whole new light! Watercolor Snacks makes learning how to watercolor fun in a new way!

Let's see what delicious painting I worked on. :)

p.s. Thanks, Rocky Nook for gifting me this copy!

Table of Contents

Watercolor Snacks book - Table of contents

As you can see from the Table of Contents, you’ll find lots of things to paint in the breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts, and even drinks categories! 🥞🥗🍉🍕🍰☕️

There are so many good options that it'll be hard to choose which one to start with! Which meal is your favorite? I couldn't decide so I went straight for dessert. Can you guess which one I chose?

Materials, Technique, Color Theory, and Watercolo Problems

Watercolor Snacks book - tips for watercolor mistakes

The intro pages - 18 total! - walk you through in detail about materials, technique, color theory, and potential watercoloring problems and their fixes.

Volta's suggestions are so helpful and really guide you through the entire watercolor process. For an advanced beginner like myself, this was greatly appreciated and I felt prepared for whatever came my way with my painting!

She really thinks of just about any questions you may have about which may be the best materials to work with, how to pick your colors, and tips on how to prep your watercolor project.

The section on common watercolor problems came in really handy while I tried out my first watercolor snacks painting and had some color distortion and water pooling.

Dessert: Macarons

Watercolor Snacks book - macarons chapter

The macarons section intrigued me since it seemed simple enough to start with and yet it had enough variety that I could essentially practice the same shape in different colors.

It starts off with instructions on how to sketch the overall shapes of the painting so you can have a clear idea of what you'll be working with.

Then she moves onto explaining how to paint each individual macaron as well as finishing tips on how to go over each macaron with additional layers to add details.

You can tell that Volta really gave a lot of thought and consideration when writing these instructions. It felt like she was guiding me by the hand throughout the whole process which was comforting!

Finished Macaron Painting

Watercolor Snacks book, watercolor paints, macaron watercolor painting

Voila! I painted the macarons to the best of my ability and think they came out fairly good! The whole process took about an hour and I listened to some good podcasts while at it.

This was my first time using Sakura's Koi Watercolor Set and I definitely need more practice with my new watercolors! (Yay, no more chalky paints for me 😁)

I definitely recommend Watercolor Snacks if you would like to learn how to watercolor and notice your food in new ways.

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