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Crafty & Creative Podcasts for Inspiration and Motivation

Headphones and cup of coffee
Blue headphones and cup of coffee

I’ve been a podcast fan for a while and have listened to my fair share of shows over the years.

The podcast shows I've listed below bring me joy, in true MariKondo style. When one of these shows puts out a new episode, I’m genuinely excited and can’t wait to listen to it! This list is in alphabetical order so no favoritism can be claimed. :)

1. Craft Hangout

The Craft Hangout podcast is hosted by Eliza Kapitan (@loveelizadesign), Jessie Greenberg (@jessiekatzgreenberg), and Leeloo Thatcher (@lilmissloo75).

It’s a light hearted weekly show with chatty, short episodes.  They interview artists from various backgrounds like upcycling, woodworking, comics, and painting. I’m also particularly fond of them because they took my suggestion of changing their signature question about “as a child, did you wear dad’s tshirt to craft” to make the reference to a parent’s tshirt instead. :)

I was a guest on the Craft Hangout podcast! My episode is Getting Crafty with Jen Refat from Craftic - hope you'll listen to this episode and a few others!

2. Craft Industry Alliance

The Craft Industry Alliance podcast is hosted by Abby Glassenberg (@abbyglassenberg). The show used to be known as While She Naps and has since been merged with CIA.

Craft Industry Alliance is a bi-monthly show that focuses on one artist’s journey at a time. Abby poses lots of great and insightful questions so you really get to know the interviewee's history and path.  Many of the guests come from the sewing and/or quilting industries and even though I don’t sew, I find this a great listen because you get to learn so much that you can apply to your own crafting and business life.

3. Crafternoon Podcast

The Crafternoon Podcast is hosted by Daisy (@mygreencow) and Meg (@megjournals).

This podcast is all about journaling, creativity, and everything in between! It's really fun listening to the hosts chat about their creative struggles and challenges as well as their thoughts on how they approach their scrapbooking and journaling projects.

4. Crafty Ass Female

The Crafty Ass Female podcast is hosted by Amanda Zampelli (@amandarosezamp) and Kristin Tweedale (@rukristin).

Crafty Ass Female is like listening to two crafty friends chat about creativity, life, and all the messy and fun bits in between.  Amanda and Kristin have weekly chats about what it’s like living as a creative and all that comes with the territory.  

They have regular crafty guests who skew more on the paper crafting side since that’s the hosts’ crafty backgrounds.  The guests share their own thought provoking insights and experiences.  It’s such a good show and I love how it has a good balance of loving the craft world but also, it looks at it from a critical eye which is so helpful and necessary!

5. Dear Handmade Life

The Dear Handmade Life podcast is hosted by Nicole Stevenson (@dearhandmadelife).

Dear Handmade Life is a bi-monthly show with a great range of guests.  I’m always learning something new with each episode!  There are artists and crafters on the show, of course, but they’ve also interviewed social media specialists and lawyers on the show so you have access to a wide range of knowledge.  I attended Craftcation in 2017 and it's so enjoyable to hear how this venture is evolving!

6. Elise Gets Crafty

The Elise Gets Crafty podcast is hosted by Elise Joy (@elisejoy).

On this weekly podcast, Elise shares her honest thoughts and helpful advice about creative hobbies, crafts, and life in general.

7. Planners and Wine

The Planners and Wine podcast is hosted by Megan Payne (@megsgotaplan) and Myra Powell (@myraplansit).

This weekly podcast not only discusses all things related to the planner world, but also brings attention to social justice issues both inside and outside of the planner community!

8. The Stationery Cafe

The Stationery Cafe podcast is hosted by April Wu (@penguinscreative), Phyllis Ying (@misslingbloom), and Kelly Henick (@kellyloveletters).

Sip your coffee and listen to a conversation about journaling, planners, and the latest in the stationery community!

9. The Uncurated Life

The Uncurated Life podcast is hosted by Cindy Guntert-Baldo (@llamaletters).

The show's intro tells you all you need to know. FYI, the intro has changed since this post was originally published but I'll leave it in for posterity's sake.

“Instagram. Pinterest. Facebook.  Social media has raised the expectations of how our lives should look.  It can be hard to remember that what you see is curated. That people only show a fraction of what their lives are really like. I am interested in what the camera doesn’t show.  I’m interested in The Uncurated Life“.  

I learned about Cindy through her Youtube lettering videos and quickly became a fan of her honest and caring nature.  It’s a refreshing show with topics that aren’t widely discussed in the creative community.  

The next few podcasts aren’t directly related to the arts and crafts industry necessarily. They are creatively adjacent and think you'd enjoy their shows for some added inspiration and motivation. :)

10. 70 Over 70

The 70 Over 70 podcast is hosted by Max Linsky (

This weekly podcast is an amazing treasure trove full of advice from 70 people who are 70 years old or older. They share their life experiences, advice, regrets, and all sorts of helpful nuggets of wisdom.

Every episode starts with a short question that an every day person answers. The episode continues with a longer interview with a well known and influential person like Madeleine Albright, Dolores Huerta, or Dr. Anthony Fauci. Such a powerful podcast to listen to!

11. 99% Invisible

The 99% Invisible podcast is hosted by Roman Mars (@theromanmars).

99% Invisible is a weekly sound-rich, narrative podcast hosted by Roman Mars about all the thought that goes into the things we don’t think about — the unnoticed architecture and design that shape our world.

This is easily one of my favorite podcasts and I never miss an episode!

12. Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend

The Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend podcast is hosted by Conan O'Brien (@teamcoco).

This podcast needs no introduction if you're a fan of Conan O'Brien's work. He's a late-night show host and comedian with some very funny friends.

There are so many great guests that it'd be difficult to list my top 5 episodes or even top 10. He interviews fellow comedians, of course, as well as previous First Ladies Hillary Clinton and Michele Obama. It doesn't matter who's on the show - every episode is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud or at least crack a smile. Be careful if you're listening in public - it's hard stifling a laugh! This is one of my favorites hands down and will always recommend it to anyone looking for a new podcast show.

13. Don’t Keep Your Day Job

The Don't Keep Your Day Job podcast is hosted by Cathy Heller (@cathy.heller).

If you have a small business and are needing a boost of motivation, Don’t Keep Your Day Job is that dose of inspiration!  Cathy’s interviewees range from newly launched small businesses to established companies.  The founders share their stories on how they got where they were.  But more so, Cathy starts and ends each episode with her own words to help you get unstuck.  Episodes average about an hour and come out twice a week so feel free to pick and choose which ones speak to you most!

14. How I Built This

The How I Built This podcast is hosted by Guy Raz (@guy.raz).

This show might not need an introduction since it’s fairly well known in the podcasting world.  If you’re not familiar with How I Built This, it’s a show by Guy Raz who interviews prominent business leaders across various industries.  They discuss how they got started in their careers and businesses, what their obstacles were, and so much more.  Some notable episodes are the ones featuring Kate Spade, Warby Parker, and Southwest Airlines.

15. Hurry Slowly

The Hurry Slowly podcast is hosted by Jocelyn K. Glei (@jkglei).

The show's intro says it all: “A podcast about pacing yourself. Where I explore how you can be more productive, creative, and resilient with the simple act of slowing down.”

Jocelyn interviews experts across different fields and they discuss how and why we ought to hurry slowly in our every day work and lives.  I’ve learned how to become a better listener, be more mindful of my time, and generally be okay with slowing down and being more intentional in general.