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Take What You Need poster

Take What You Need poster - printed
Take What You Need tear-away poster

We could all use a bit more kindness in our lives.

Use this tear-away poster for yourself when you need a bit of a pep talk on a not-so-great day.

Spread the kindness and put up the poster in your neighborhood so others may take what they need too!

Materials List

The following list has all the supplies and tools you'll need to make this project.

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Step 1

Take What You Need poster - prefilled and blank

Download the Take What You Need printable files.

Print on US Letter sized paper (8.5 x 11 inches). We recommend printing in colour.

Step 2

To create two sheets, use scissors to cut along the vertical divider line in the middle of the page. The divider line may need extra trimming.

For each separate sheet, fold on the lower horizontal line forward and then again backward. This will loosen the paper for easier tearing.

Cut along the smaller vertical dotted lines to create the tear away sheets.

Step 3

Take What You Need poster - mood board

Choose a display area (Maybe a wall, bulletin board or even planner).

Put it where you can see it!

Step 4

Take what you need when you need it. (Remove the word or phrase that corresponds to the feeling you desire in the moment).

Hold it close and feel the energy.

Open your heart and mind to accepting that energy, because it already exists for you.


Keep that little slip of paper for as long as you want, wherever you want. Pockets are a good choice.

🎉 Final Step: Show Off Your Work!

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