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Small Businesses That Sell Craft Supplies

A bunch of yellow and orange buttons
Collection of yellow and orange buttons

I think you’d agree that 2020 has been... quite the year. Since March, our lives have changed in so many ways from our daily routines to how we do our shopping, and just about everything else.

Now that so many of us are home, we are heavily relying on the arts to support us during this time. From binge watching Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other video services to smaller scale Youtube channels, we’ve been looking to creators and makers to provide us some comfort and distraction during a tumultuous year.

In the past few months, how many blog posts and videos have you consumed? How many craft ideas and projects have you read about and possibly (hopefully!) worked on? We can all agree that it’s been a huge effort on behalf of makers and artists to bring us some relief during this time through providing their creative work.

And now, it’s our turn to support the makers! We need to make a united effort to help support artists now more than ever.

T27 - Crochet Heart Ornament - 1.JPG

If we have the means and are making purchases during this time, then we can do our part by supporting our friends in the arts. From the Artists Sunday press release:

"A normal year sees 100 million people attending arts and crafts festivals, fairs, and art walks in the United States. But the pandemic has shut down 96 percent of in-person art shows and festivals, robbing many artists of their livelihood. The creative economy has lost more than $14 billion since the pandemic took hold last March, according to a survey by Americans for the Arts.

“Art offers what we all need right now – a meaningful way to stay connected with family, friends, neighbors and co-workers,” said Artists Sunday founder Christopher Sherman."

So, where do we begin? We can start with seeing what our local community can provide for us before looking at larger companies and retailers. Since we’re all about crafts here at Craftic, let’s start with supporting small businesses that sell craft supplies and kits!

This list is by no means comprehensive. It is meant to be a starting point to help you find small businesses that may be local to you. You get to make a small business owner do a little happy dance with each purchase as well as get some awesome craft supplies to play with! It’s a win win for everyone involved. :)

If you are a small business owner or know of one that provides craft supplies, please feel free to reach out to me via email: Thanks!

P.S. This post contains affiliate links for any Etsy shops listed.

Felt & Related Notions

Stack of felt and fabric in a shop

(Stack of felt and fabric by Benzie Design)

Benzie Design (Illinois, US)
You can find high quality felt in all the colors of the rainbow and then some! Benzie also supplies beads, sequins, and other notions.

Gingermelon (Vancouver, Canada)
Patterns and kits for dolls, clothing, and brooches, as well as a wide variety of sparkly and polka dot felt and doll related supplies.

Embroidery and Related Notions

Snuggly Monkey - polka dot scissor sheath

(Scissor sheaths by Snuggly Monkey)

Northern Haberdashery (Minnesota, US)
You can get some adorable handmade notions that are a fabulous way to dress up a cute dress, craft, quilt or just about any other creative project.

Snuggly Monkey (North Carolina, US)
From cross stitch and embroidery to Sashiko and woodworking, Snuggly Monkey stocks the supplies you need to get started on your next project.

Fabric and Related Notions

Maker Mountain Fabrics - blue patterned fabric

(Fabric sample by Maker Mountain Fabrics)

Alison Glass (US)
A vibrant collection of fabrics, notions, kits, and so much more. Great for the color lover!

Fireside Textiles (Washington, US)
Patterns, small-batch hand-printed geeky fabrics, and embroidery.

Furst Choice Furs (North Carolina, US)
A fun variety of quality faux fur fabrics and elastics for a variety of uses, such as costumes and home decor.

Kimono Momo (California, US)
This shop specializes in new and vintage Japanese textiles, sashiko supplies, kimono, books, and other arts.

Maker Mountain Fabrics (California, US)
Maker Mountain Fabrics specializes in contemporary apparel and quilting fabrics. They stock unique, colorful and original prints on all the incredible substrates you want to wrap your body in!

Such Pretty Supplies (Michigan, US)
With close to 200 listings, you can find a huge stash of quilter's weight cotton and knit fabrics in this shop!

The Quilting Shed (New Brunswick, Canada)
Not only can you find a very wide variety of quilting fabrics but online and in the brick & mortar shop (when available) but you can also order a custom quilt!


The Modest Cat - stickers and packaging

(Stickers and packaging by The Modest Cat)

Jub Jub Cove (Toronto, Canada)
Get the longest washi tape samples - 2 meters - for your planning and crafting needs. It's a great way to try out new washi designs without having to invest in full rolls!

The Coffee Monsterz Co (British Columbia, Canada)
TCMC offers a wide variety of cute hand-drawn stickers and stationery for any planner lover!

The Modest Cat (Florida, US)
Adorable and whimsical decorative and planner stickers and stationery all hand-drawn by Bella.

Shop Studio Sisters (US)
Beautifully illustrated mini works of art in the forms of decal and planning stickers.

Sticky Rice Sisters (US & Taiwan)
Two sisters, one in San Francisco and one in Tapei, finding and sharing their love of cute stickers and stationery accessories in their shop.

Yarn & Accessories

See Jayne Knit Yarns - hand dyed merino yarns

(Hand dyed yarns by See Jayne Knit Yarns)

BlaApelsin (Tibro, Sweden)
A gorgeous selection of cotton, alpaca, and silk yarns in lace and 4ply weights as well as knit and crochet pieces.

Quince & Co (Maine, US)
Thoughtfully conceived yarns and modern knitting patterns in the most gorgeous soft palettes.

Romni Wools (Toronto, Canada)
Two floors full of wonderful yarns of every fiber and color. Lots of notions and books as well and they have great prices.

See Jayne Knit Yarns (Vancouver, Canada)
A mix of hand dyed yarns using Jacquard acid dyes as well as a collection of vintage jewelry items are at least 20 years old and often older.

The Crafty Couple (Warwick, United Kingdom)
You'll find custom engraved bamboo crochet hooks as well as personalized tote bags and other accessories.

The Little Knitting Co (Stanford in the Vale, United Kingdom)
A variety of knitting kits, knitting themed greeting cards, hand crafted knitting wood needles and accessories.

The Sexy Knitter (Missouri, US)
This shop offers knitter's tool tins, stitch markers, project bags, and other knitting related items.

The Yarn Guy (Toronto, Canada)
A wide collection of affordable yarns - lots of acrylics available - in every color and weight imaginable!

Yarnover Truck (Southern California, US)
Open since 2013, The Yarnover Truck is Southern California’s only and the country’s first mobile yarn store providing gorgeous exclusive hand-dyed yarns from a dozen local dyers.


Lunacy Glass - Beads collection

(Collection of beads by Lunacy Glass)

JBC Beads (Illinois, US)
You'll find a wide selection of wholesale jewelry making supplies including Swarovski crystal, quality gemstone beads, freshwater pearls, cinnabar, porcelain and ceramic beads and jewelry findings.

Lunacy Glass (Tweed, Canada)
These funky glass beads featuring fruit and animals, among other themes, are all designed and handmade by Lucie.

Petite Beads (United States)
An impressive collection - over 3,000 listings! - of a very wide variety of gemstone beads ranging from 2mm to 6mm in size.


Miniature Rhino - Embroidery Kits

(Monogram kits by Miniature Rhino)

Knitted Bliss Stitching (Toronto, Canada)
Knitting inspired embroidery kits as well as knitting patterns.

KNOTItYourself (Minsk, Belarus)
A small but beautiful collection of minimalist home and living macrame accessories inspired by nature.

Miniature Rhino (New York, US)
A line of vintage inspired hand made goods - embroidery, books and paper goods, and creative kits available as PDF patterns as well as physical products (when available).

Sew What Box (Washington, US)
Monthly sewing kit subscription for those looking to learn how to sew through pre-made kits.

Short + Loud (California, US)
"Not too serious cross stitch patterns" featuring cartoons and cute pop culture references.

YH Cross Stitch Designs (Toronto, Canada)
Cross stitch DIY fabric and card kits, greeting cards, and custom portraits!

Non-Monetary Ways to Support Creatives

If you don't have the means to monetarily support your favorite artists, there are other ways to help them out!

  1. Share your favorite artist's social media posts. Cross-post across different social media platforms (for example, from Instagram to Facebook) so new audiences can find them.
  2. Word of mouth is very effective! Tell friends about your favorite yarn dyer or bead maker.
  3. Follow, like, and comment on artists' posts. This will help more people find their posts.
  4. Encourage friends to purchase from small businesses during the holidays and everyday gifts.
  5. Send an artist a nice note letting them know you appreciate their work. It goes a long way!
  6. Leave a positive review of their products on their business pages.
  7. Sign up for their newsletter.

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