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Pom Pom Bookmarks

Set of 3 pom pom bookmarks in blue and white
Blue and white pom poms.

After a knitting or crochet project, I often have a few yards of yarn that I’m not quite sure what to do with. The yarn scraps are too short to make anything a new garment and too long for me to comfortably throw it away. These super cute variations on the pom pom create three bookmark designs and uses up all those yarn scraps. Hope you enjoy!

Materials List

The following list has all the supplies and tools you'll need to make this project.

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Step 1a

To make the Tassel Bookmark, cut one 5 inch strip that will be your base. You will be looping other strips of yarn onto it. Cut 4 additional strips that are 5 inches long. Loop each piece through the base piece as if you were making a tassel.

Step 1b

To make the Pompom-esque Bookmark, loop a long piece of yarn around 3 of your fingers. Once you’re happy with the size of the loop, cut extra yarn off. Use contrast yarn to tie the center together. Then cut both sides of the loop to create a pompom-esque effect.

Step 1c

To make the Bow Bookmark, cut 4 pieces of yarn that measure 7 inches. With all 4 pieces, create a bow. Using different colors of yarn creates a really nice effect so you can play around with combinations.

Step 2

Take paper clip and loop through center knot in each bookmark.

Step 3

Three pom pom bookmarks in planner

With your glue gun, add a dot of glue on either side paper clip’s top.

Now you’ve got a cute bookmark you can use to hold your place in a book or decorate your planner :)

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