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Painted Acorns

A set of 6 metallic painted acorns and one smiley face acorn with set of markers above
Set of painted acorns and metallic brush markers

Hello from this little smiling acorn. 🤎

Did you know that you could use metallic brush and paint markers to paint acorns? Well, now you do!

I love doing little experiments like this and pushing my supplies to use them in new and different ways. ☺️✨

This project has a lot of possibilities so read ahead for some ideas!

Materials List

The following list has all the supplies and tools you'll need to make this project.

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Step 1 - Prepping Time

Blank acorns and set of metallic Marvy Uchida brush markers

First, prep your materials! Wipe down your acorns with a damp cloth so there isn't any dirt on them that might damage your markers. Leave to dry but it shouldn't take long!

And of course, grab your favorite paint and opaque brush markers. In this project, I've used Marvy Uchida's opaque brush markers in the prettiest metallic colors - gold, silver, green, blue, pinkish red, and purple! Please refer to the Materials List for links.

Step 2 - First layer

Blue metallic pen on acorn

This is a very quick and easy project. Paint your acorns with the first layer using an opaque metallic brush marker.

Set to dry by placing the acorn on something that won't disturb the ink. I set the acorns to dry atop my cup of pens - they fit snuggly between the pen tops!

Step 3 - Second Layer

Painted acorn with gold brush pen

One layer is most likely good enough for this project but if you'd like a more opaque look, go for a second layer! I'd recommend at least an hour between coatings so you don't smudge the first layer.

Step 4 - Add Smileys

Painted acorn with smiley face close up

If you'd like to keep it nice and simple, you can use a black permanent marker (look in the Materials List for my favorite pick - Tombow MONO!) and draw a cute smiley face.

On this acorn, I used a rose gold paint marker to give the cap a little pizzazz. ✨

Step 5 - Display Your Makes!

Trio of metallic painted acorns

Once your acorns have all dried, it's time to show them off!

I've used a cute trinket dish here to display my newly painted acorns.

You could set out these trinket dishes around the house for a pop of color.

Since you can paint them any color, you could make a set to match any room in your home!

🎉 Final Step: Show Off Your Work!

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