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How to Freehand Doodle a Mandala

Mandala doodle with stitch details in sketchbook and Tombow dual brush markers on the side
Colorful mandala doodle.

Learn how to make a mandala that you can include in your sketchbook, bullet journal, or wherever you like!

Materials List

The following list has all the supplies and tools you'll need to make this project.

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The 6 Tombow Dual Brush markers used in this project are - 452 [blue], 133 [green], 991 [yellow], 873 [peach], 673 [purple], and N57 [gray].

Step 1

Blank sketchbook and full set of Tombow dual brush markers

The Tombow 96-color Dual Brush Marker set is my go to marker collection for my drawing projects. There are just so many gorgeous colors to choose from! For this project, I picked 6 colors in a warm palette.

Step 2

Mandala doodle outline in sketchbook and Tombow dual brush pens at top of photo

First, I’ll be using the Tombow MONO Twin permanent marker to create the flower outline. The beauty of these oil based markers is that they do not smudge at all! You can draw your entire design in one go and not worry about coloring in afterwards. Start with a dot in the center of the page and add 5 petals as your first round and add as many rounds of petals as you wish. Next, I’ll show you how to use color & details to give this flower some *pop*!

Step 3

Mandala doodle drawing in sketchbook and set of markers

I colored in the petals in a rainbow pattern using the Tombow Dual Brush markers in 5 colors: (452 [blue], 133 [green], 991 [yellow], 873 [peach], 673 [purple]).

Step 4

Mandala doodle drawing with shading in sketchbook and set of markers

After, I added some petal shadows for a 3d look using the N57 color.

Step 5

Brush markers and sketchbook page with mandala drawing

Finally, I added small dashes with the Tombow MONO Twin permanent marker to create some texture. With so many colors in the 96 Tombow Dual Brush marker set, there are so many combinations you can try out!

🎉 Final Step: Show Off Your Work!

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