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DIY Sticker Book

DIY sticker book cover
Open sticker book with sticker sheets.

If you have an overflowing sticker collection and need some way to organize it, then I have a solution for you! I’ve come up with this DIY sticker book that will help you organize all those tiny sheets, leftover stickers, as well as full sheets.

Materials List

The following list has all the supplies and tools you'll need to make this project.

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Step 1

Place back cover on discs so you have a starting point for your sticker book.

Step 2

Fold paper in half in one direction and fold again along same line in other direction. Keep repeating this until the edge is ripe for tearing with your hands. Rip 12 sheets which will produce 24 sheets for your book.

Step 3

Using the front cover as a template, cut your paper halves to correct dimensions. You will have 24 sheets of the right size and shape (cut rounded corners so they don’t stick outside of the covers).

Step 4

Place one sheet under the front cover and mark where your holes will be. It doesn’t have to be exact but try your best!

Step 5

With the hole punch, keep your sheets together and punch 7 holes along the markings. I found punching 3 sheets at a time was the most efficient and functional.

Then, cut a small slit from the hole to the edge of the paper. It’ll look like a small mushroom with a half circle at the top and stem. This shape will allow you to fit the sheets onto the discs.

Step 6

DIY sticker book open

Now it’s time to place your stickers! With your glue stick, glue down the sticker sheets to the pages. I prefer a glue stick since it doesn’t stick permanently and that makes it easier to remove used sheets later on.

Step 7

DIY sticker book with icon stickers

In order to make the most of your sticker book pages, cut out the unused stickers and throw away the used portions. You’ll find that you’ll be able to fit a lot more on a page this way. Place the sheets into your new sticker book.

Step 8

DIY sticker book labels

This step is optional but you can sort your stickers by type. In this book, I separated my stickers into the follow categories: headers, boxes/banners, icons, gym, kits, letters, and planner (stickers that are of actual planners. Yes, it gets pretty meta :p). I used Avery tabs to label and separate the categories.

Enjoy! I hope you found this tutorial helpful and that you’ll be making your own sticker book (or books?)!

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