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50 Nice Things to Do

Watercolor painted card with "be kind" hand lettered
"Be Kind" hand lettered on watercolor card

In the 12 Ways to Use an Empty Notebook blog post, I mention that in one of the notebooks, I keep a list of 50 nice things & good deeds to do.

Here's the full list for you! I hope you can find some good ideas about how to make your community better.

If you do these, I’d love to hear about it!  Please tag me on social media at @crafticland :)

  1. Send handmade postcards to family and friends. (see: DIY Postcards tutorial)
  2. Make handmade thank you cards. (see: DIY Watercolor Cards tutorial)
  3. Pay for the coffee for the person behind you in line.
  4. Tweet at least 5 people a nice compliment.
  5. Leave compliments on at least 5 Instagram accounts.
  6. Leave compliments on at least 5 Facebook profiles/pages.
  7. Volunteer at an animal shelter.
  8. Volunteer at a soup kitchen.
  9. Make a “Take a Smile” sign & post it in your neighborhood. (see: Take a Smile poster tutorial)
  10. Send little care packages to friends in the mail. Add a handmade gift for that extra touch!
  11. Donate clothing, toys, and household items to a thrift store.
  12. Send a soldier a care package.
  13. Knit/crochet/craft for charity.
  14. Give up your seat on a crowded train.
  15. Buy a bouquet of flowers for your mom/friend/someone special on a random (non holiday) day.
  16. Pay for a friend’s lunch.
  17. Invite friends over for a homemade dinner.
  18. Leave a gift for someone in a random public place.
  19. Make hearts with nice note attached and leave around your neighborhood. (DIY Hearts with Messages)
  20. Buy 10 lottery tickets and hand them out to strangers.
  21. Help an elderly person with their chores.
  22. Send someone going through a hard time a handmade card and/or gifts/sweets.
  23. Call a friend just to say hello!
  24. Donate blood or volunteer at a blood drive if you can’t donate.
  25. Bring a pouch full of change with you and give to homeless for a day.
  26. Bring a pouch full of change with you and give to musicians for a day.
  27. Inflate a dozen balloons and give them out.
  28. Volunteer at an old folks home.
  29. Donate pet food to a pet shelter.
  30. Donate books to your local library or a Little Free Library (look here to find a local one!).
  31. Put extra change in a vending machine (next person gets something free!)
  32. Leave an encouraging note in 5 random library books.
  33. Donate on or any micro loaning service.
  34. Write nice messages with chalk on the sidewalk.
  35. For your birthday, ask for charity donations instead of gifts.
  36. Donate coloring books & craft supplies to a children’s hospital.
  37. Leave an extra big tip next time you’re out for a meal.
  38. Bake cookies or a cake and invite your friends over for tea/coffee.
  39. Volunteer at a fundraiser event.
  40. Leave flowers with a nice note for a friend on their doorstep.
  41. Write/draw a “thank you” note for your waiter.
  42. Volunteer to clean a park.
  43. Leave a love note for your partner (leave it in their pocket, on the fridge, wherever!)
  44. Buy donuts/snacks for your coworkers.
  45. Make a donation in a friend’s name.
  46. Start a pay-it-forward thread with friends.
  47. Donate your dresses to charities collecting prom dresses for local high schoolers.
  48. Take a walk/run for a cause.
  49. Donate unused makeup to women’s shelters.
  50. Donate business attire to charity (ex: Dress for Success)