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12 Ways to Use a Notebook

Ways how to use a notebook stack
Stack of notebooks!

Are you a stationery addict who hoards all the pretty notebooks you see? Yeah, me too! I’ve come up with 12 ways you can use up all those notebooks you’ve got in storage.

Materials List

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12 Ways to Use a Notebook

1. Quotes notebook

2. Good deeds notebook

3. Daily journal

4. Sticker book

5. Study notes

6. Business notes

7. Brainstorming notes

8. Collections book

9. Bullet journal

10. Doodles practice

11. Typography practice

12. Wellness / fitness journal

Video Walkthrough

12 ways to use a notebook; stack of notebooks

If you would like to see a full walk through of how I'm using these 12 notebooks, please check out the Craftic Youtube channel and watch the 12 Ways to An Empty Notebook video!

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