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Washi Covered Notebook

Washi tape covered notebook with green leafy designs
Small washi covered notebook.

Washi covered mini notebooks are one of my favorite accessories! You can mix and match tapes however you’d like. Below is how to recreate the one pictured.

Materials List

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Step 1

Washi tapes place around fake succulent plant

Pick 2 or 3 coordinating patterned washi tape and one solid colored tape.

Step 2

With all washi tapes, leave a centimeter of extra washi on the top and bottom to fold over to cover’s other side.

Step 3

First, place thicker washi with some space between the strips. Then, apply skinny washi over the gaps. Finally, add solid colored washi on the ends to pull the look together.

Step 4

To secure the washis in place, on the other side of the cover, run a horizontal strip of washi to secure all the ends in place. If your cover has a rounded corner like this one, cut a small triangle off the ends to make the fold neater.

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