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Crafting and Relaxing with Coloring Pages and Books

Book themed coloring pages
Book themed coloring pages

If you are looking to relax and meditate a bit, you might want to try coloring books!

Coloring is an easy way to get crafty that will help you soothe your anxiety and lessen your stress levels. The beauty of coloring is that sometimes you need a bit of creative release without having to come up with a whole new project to plan out. And if you don't like the way it came out, you can always print a fresh new copy and try a new color palette!

Fun fact: Did you know August 2nd is Coloring Book Day?  Well, now you do!  You'll be ready with these coloring resources ready at your fingertips.

I've found that it helps to listen to a good podcast or music in the background while you color your heart out. So put the phone down, get your coloring supplies out, and try out the following 3 techniques!

If you use these coloring pages, make sure to tag @crafticland on social media so I can see what you make! Your coloring masterpiece may be shared on Craftic's social channels.

For the Book Lovers

These lovely 6 bookish designs were provided by They offer a variety of graphical elements that are fun and meditative to color in!

If you take a photo of your in-progress or finished piece, make sure to tag @crafticland and @readersdotcom on Instagram.

Catch-22 Coloring Page thumbnail

Download: Catch-22 Coloring Page (png file)

Dracula coloring page thumbnail

Download: Dracula Coloring Page (png file)

The Great Gatsby coloring page thumbnail

Download: The Great Gatsby - Coloring Page (png file)

Little Women coloring page thumbnail

Download: Little Women - Coloring Page (png file)

Lord of the Flies coloring page thumbnail

Download: Lord of the Flies Coloring Page (png file)

Moby Dick coloring page thumbnail

Download: Moby Dick Coloring Page (png file)

For the Wine Lovers

Wine a Little Laugh a Lot Coloring Page

I received this gorgeous mini coloring book from Santa Margherita Wines.  The coloring pages are a mix of florals and wine related doodles.  The pages are 7″ x 5″ - small enough to fill them with color in one sitting!

You can make an evening of it by pairing a coloring page with a nice glass of wine. 😊🍷

Download : Summer Coloring Book by Santa Margherita Wines (pdf file)

Watercolor Your Coloring Pages

Watercolor coloring book

If you prefer using watercolors over coloring pencils or markers, you might want to check out watercolor coloring books! The coloring pages are made of watercolor paper that will handle your watercolor paints!.

Get: This gorgeous floral coloring page is from "Fall Cutting Garden - A Watercoloring Book" by Kristy Rice.

This stunning neon watercolor set will make any page stand out!

You can find more craft and creative books in this handy list!

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