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  • How It Works

    1. Pick a material you're itching to use.
    2. Search our projects.
    3. Make something, celebrate, and share it with the community!

  • Why 6 main categories/materials?

    While researching tutorials, I found that 6 main materials kept popping up everywhere - yarn, paper, fabric, beads, paint, and buttons. These are the main sections found in the navigation. For further information additional tags in each tutorial will help you find more specific materials and tools.

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    The newsletter is a great way to keep up with Craftic news, of course. I’ll also be sharing fun crafty content I find online through various channels like social media and design websites. You may find your project featured (if you tag it #crafticProjects and give the OK to repost)! Want to sign up? You can do so here.

  • How do I contact Craftic?

    Please email if you have any questions, comments, or just want to say hello! You can also find Craftic on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.