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Crochet Granny Blanket

Crochet granny blanket on couch
Completed granny blanket on couch.

My favorite go to project with leftover yarn is making a granny blanket! You can plan ahead and create a pattern or you can wing it.

Materials List

The following list has all the supplies and tools you'll need to make this project.

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Step 1

Set of 6 crochet granny circles

In my project, I had 6 colors to work with. They complimented each other well - thanks past me for picking out such fun colors!

Blankets take a long while to make. My suggestion? Make at least one circle every day. Once you have them all ready, you may be getting tired of this project. Take a break! But plan ahead to make sure you come back to it instead of finding a pile of circles years later in your closet (true story - heard this story from a crocheter I met).

Granny blanket borders are the perfect candidate for using a single skein of yarn. You can keep it simple or get more elaborate depending on the amount of yarn you want to use up. Your craft stash will thank you!

This blanket was made with the Flowers in the Snow pattern.

Flatlay of Blanket Design

Crochet granny blanket on bed

Display your blanket wherever you'd like! This photo shows the blanket making a very pretty bed cover.

🎉 Final Step: Show Off Your Work!

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