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Free Sticker & Tracker Printables

Free sticker and project craft printables
Craftic freebies and printables

Craftic Challenge 2021 Freebie

Are you participating in the Craftic Challenge this March? Make sure to get this tracker to help you plan and track your daily prompts!

Do you like stickers!? Well, you're in luck - I've designed 2 sticker sheets for the sticker lovers out there!

The Sticker Printables - Large Icons printable has all the icons you'll find on the Craftic website in a large format (about 2" tall). They will fit your standard planner such as the Happy Planner or Erin Condren planners.

Free printable - Large stickers thumbnail

The Sticker Printables - Icons, Quotes, Headers, & Washi printable has all the Craftic icons as well in a smaller scale (about .5" wide). You'll also find the "what will you make today" quote, headers for your to-do lists, and ruler washi.

Free printable - Small stickers thumbnail

These stickers are great for adding to your planner, journals, or wherever you want to show off your crafty side!

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Do you like making your own cards? I designed these handy sheets to help you plan out your next card making project!

The Handmade Cards Planning Pages are great for detailing all the materials you need for your project, figuring out which materials you may still need to buy/acquire/swap for, and a notes section for doodles or extra thoughts!

Free printable - Handmade card planning pages thumbnail

The Handmade Cards Tracker Page helps you figure out which cards have been made, which have been sent out, mailing date, and recipient addresses. So perfect when you're making and sending several cards during the holidays!

Free printable - Handmade cards tracker page thumbnail

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Are you participating in The 100 Day Project or starting a 100-day challenge of your own? This handy tracker will help keep you accountable!

There are checkpoints every 10 days (marked by stars) and a reward every 25 days (marked by hearts and detailed in the rewards section).

Free printable - 100 day tracker thumbnail

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Are always missing out on when is National Pencil Day or National Donut Day?

Stay up to date and get this 2021 Fun Holidays Calendar to know the full calendar year's worth of creative/crafty holidays as well as food related and random holidays.

2021 Fun Holidays Calendar

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