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Crochet Ombre Headband

Crochet ombre headband with candle and unicorn sign nearby
Pink and purple crochet headband.

This is such an adorable headband and I love how the colorway really elevates a beginner’s pattern!

Ladies with the pony tails! Get at me! Okay, not really but does anyone absolutely HATE wearing hats in the winter because you keep your hair in a bun and it makes hats fit weird? Only me? Cool.

Okay, so this season I’ve been OBSESSED with ear warmers. I wear my Hufflepuff House Ear Warmer like it’s going out of style! That all goes to say… this season - especially for a month that is all about pinks and purples, I wanted to be a little less “geek chic” and a little more festive… and when I saw this ombre yarn I about died. Hello new headband!

This little guy is super easy. You really only need to know how to single crochet, so lets get down to it!

Materials List

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Yarn used in the project pictured here is Red Heart's 'Stripes' in Flamenco.


Crochet ombre headband with sign that says "always be yourself unless you can be a unicorn then always be a unicorn"

Chain 75 - or until it measures the circumfrence of your head. Be careful not to twist and join with a slip stitch and chain 1.

Row 1: Single crochet around being careful not to twist the work. Join each row with a slip stitch. Chain 1.

Rows 2-10: Repeat Row 1. Finish with a 6 inch tail.

Pattern (Con'td)

Closeup of hands pinching crochet ombre headband

Cinch the headband. The easiest way to do this is to gather the place you want it cinched in your fingers. I folded it in half then folded the outer edges back. Here is a visual because I’m not the best at explaining things sometimes.

Pattern (Cont'd)

Closeup of hands pinching crochet ombre headband with tail

Use your 6 inch tail and a yarn needle to stitch through the center of your cinch a few times. At this point you can wrap your tail around a few times or simply weave in the ends.

Pattern (Cont'd)

Crochet ombre headband with long tail

For the cinch wrap: Chain 25 stitches and turn work. SC across. Finish and leave a 6 inch tail.

Wrap your piece around the cinch a few times so that it is tight and then ends meet. I was able to wrap mine around twice. Using your yarn needle, attach the ends to each other and weave in ends.

Pattern (Cont'd)

Crochet ombre headband flat

Trim off your excess ends and get on with your bad self! You just made your own awesome crochet ear warmer! Rock your pony tail AND keep your ears warm!

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