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Craftic Challenge #crafticchallenge

31-Day Craftic Challenge
Craftic challenge prompts

✂️ What is this challenge?

It’s a daily photo challenge to help you get inspired by the craft supplies you have! The challenge is either 7 or 31 days long depending on when it’s being held.

✂️ When does it start?

Let's celebrate Craft Month (March) and get crafty with our stash! The next Craftic challenge starts on Sunday, March 1, 2020 and will run for 31 days.

✂️ How do I participate?

Based on each day’s prompt, take a photo of either a craft supply OR creative project that you think matches the day’s prompt. :)

Make sure to tag your photo #CrafticChallenge in your posts on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and tag @crafticland as well.

I will be sharing my favorites on Craftic’s accounts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

✂️ What do the prompts mean?

It’s totally up to you what the prompt means to you. They’re a little vague on purpose!

If you’re having trouble with them, I’ve given some more details about the prompts below.

1. Favorite material
What's your favorite craft supply?

2. Work in progress
Show us a project you’ve been working on!

3. Collection
Do you have a big stash of yarn, embroidery thread, pens?

4. Fav color
This one’s a bit obvious.

5. Yarn
Show off your fiber stash or fiber project.

6. Shiny
Do you have gold markers, glitter washi tape, sequins?

7. New supplies
What’s the last thing you acquired (not necessarily purchased. They can be swapped, gifted, found, etc)

8. Old favorites
What’s something you’ve had for a while? It could be of sentimental value or just something you’ve had for years.

9. Rediscovered
While going through your craft supplies, have you rediscovered something you’d forgotten you had?

10. Fabric
This could be any kind of fabric - think cottons, silks but also felt, leather, foam.

11. Stationery
Show us your favorite pens, markers, notebooks, notepads, etc!

12. Least fav color
Which color do you least gravitate towards? Maybe you can challenge yourself to use it in your next project?

13. Scraps
Any and all scraps of paper, fabric, yarn, get creative.

14. Upcycled
Which item would you like to upcycle and repurpose into something new?

15. Paper
Show us your paper stash or how you’ve used it!

16. Pattern
Polka dots, stripes, herringbone, you get the idea.

17. Biggest stash
It can either be a stash that’s large in size or in quantity - or both! A few skeins of yarn are probably a lot larger than several bags of beads.

Some stashes are too large for one single photo - you can photograph some of it or try to place it all in one place! (and maybe think about how to use up this stash!)

18. Bright
Something neon, colorful, you get the idea.

19. Texture
Closeups of textured fabrics, knit/crochet/macrame projects, crumpled paper, etc.

20. Buttons
What’re your favorite / most interesting / rarest buttons in your stash? Or just a pile of random buttons will do as well.

21. Favorite project
What’s something you’ve made that you’re really proud off?

22. Abandoned
Is there a project or material that you no longer know what to do with? How can you restart the project or repurpose the material for something else?

23. Craft space
Show us where you craft! It can be your dining table, a corner desk, or a full craft room - we want to see. :)

24. Messy
This ties in with Day 23 ;) Show us how messy your workspace gets mid-project. Or make a mess today and photograph it!

25. Paint
Tubes, pans, globs of paint or show off your latest painting!

26. Favorite tool
What’s your ride or die DIY supply? (that question is from the Craft Hangout podcast!)

27. Organization
How do you organize your supplies and tools? You can show off a specific part of your craft space, how you organize one type of craft supply, etc.

28. Project planning
Do you plan your craft projects? If yes, show us your planner and/or notes system! If not, what’s your process like?

29. Never used
What’s a craft supply or tool that you haven’t used yet? Is it “too nice” to be used? Challenge yourself and try it out in a project today!

30. Beads
Bead piles or projects, show us what you’ve got!

31. In my queue
What’s next in your to-make list? This could be the supplies you’ll be using, a pattern printout, work-in-progress, etc.

Remember to just have fun with this challenge! Browse the #craftwithyourstash tag to see the Craftic community’s posts, like other participant’s posts, and leave a comment to say hello. :)

If you have any questions or feedback about the challenge, feel free to reach out by email (hello - at - or message me on Instagram @crafticland

4th Craftic challenge - Sep 2019


This Craftic challenge started September 30, 2019 and ran for 7 days. It was great seeing what everyone shared! You can view the challenge post here.

3rd Craftic challenge - March 2019

March 2019 Craftic Challenge

This Craftic challenge ran for 31 days for Craft Month in March 2019! You can view the challenge post here.

2nd Craftic challenge - June 2018

June 2018 Craftic Challenge

This Craftic challenge ran for 7 days starting on June 18, 2018. You can view the challenge post here.

1st Craftic challenge - Nov 2017

November 2017 Craftic Challenge

The first Craftic challenge ran for 7 days in November 2017. I had so much fun seeing how people were looking at their stash in new ways and rediscovering old craft supplies. I knew I would be running the challenge again! You can view the challenge post here.

Nov 13th - favorite medium

What’s your go to craft material?  When starting a new project, what’s the material that you reach for first?  This could be anything like yarn, paper, washi tape, paint, etc.

Nov 14th - shiny

What’s in your craft stash that is sparkly, shiny, shimmery? Some ideas are: metallic markers, gold foil paper, or sequins.

Nov 15th - never used

Is there something you bought at the craft store, put it away on a shelf, and then forgot to use it?  Or something you’ve been afraid of using that’s “too pretty” (we all have these!).  Extra challenge today: use that too-pretty-something! :)

Nov 16th - texture

This could really be anything that has texture like chunky yarns, ornate buttons, or crinkly paper.  Bonus points if you take a craft material and turn it into something with texture!

Nov 17th - least favorite color

Your favorite color would be too easy, right?  :)  Find something in your craft collection that’s a color you don’t really like so it’s sitting there unused, most likely.  How can you use it up?  Can you pair it with your favorite color and use it in a project so it doesn’t go to waste? 

Nov 18th - pattern

A design pattern as in polka dots, stripes, herringbone, gingham, you get the idea.  

Nov 19th - biggest stash

Which stash is your pride and joy?  Or is it a stash that’s overflowing and you don’t know what to do with it all?

Do you have a closet full of yarn?  Or a big box of buttons?  Show off your amazing collection!  If you can, use a big chunk of it in a new project and start using what you’ve hoarded.  I mean, collected.  (no judgement zone - we all have our own favorite supplies to collect :D )